The Empire Has Fallen!

Several hundred years ago, the human empire, which ruled the known galaxy for nearly half a millenium, collapsed under its own decadence and the intrigues spun by ambitious system governors.
Seeing their chance finally arrived, several of the enslaved alien races started a rebellion in order to get rid of their oppressors and joined in the fighting, although they lacked the military might to make an impact.

It didnt take long, and the whole galaxy was burning, with a civil war raging that eventually killed most of the population and left over 95% of the once terraformed worlds as poisoned and ravaged pieces of rock floating in space.

There have been rumors however, that the destruction of the imperial capital of Sol and other events in the civil war were orchestrated by an ancient power that didnt want the empire to endanger their interests, whatever they may be.

You managed to become the ruler of your race, united a small number of worlds under your banner and are planning to conquer the galaxy and become the new emperor.
However, you should be very aware of the fact that other races have also gathered what little resources they could find and are preparing to do the same.
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