Game Features

Burning Stars is a turn-based online 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) strategy game that lets you control a whole empire in a dark, distant galaxy ravaged by civil war.

The game consists of a macromanagement which is done in a turn based fashion while ship battles are action packed real-time fights.

Unique Races

In Burning Stars, you lead one of the five major races, with each of the races providing different approaches to combat, technology and expansion, from simply building a strong fleet as fast as possible to being a small ancient race trying to keep the younger ones down using your superior technology and thereby gaining the time to grow and gather strength for the final blow against your competitors.

Explore The Galaxy

Send out your ships or buid sensor arrays on your enclaves to discover the dangers and opprtunities that are lying nearby your empire. Since there are many different inhabitants in the galaxy of Burning Stars, you never know if the next planet is a treasure trove or a deathtrap. Also, the galaxy is still littered with relicts from the collapse of the empire, so watch for your every move.
If you chose to search for imperial, every planet that was colonized by the old empire might provide you with objects to use and/or study.
Reconaissance is quite complex in Burning Stars, so never assume you know everything about a planet simply because you visited it already. There is always a possibility that some surprises (pleasant or unpleasant) are still waiting even when you already colonized it.

Expand Your Empire

Once you have located areas containing valuable resources, you can build additional enclaves. These can be either colonies located above or below the surface of a planet or asteroid or even huge star bases floating in free space.

Discover New Technologies

There is no single tech tree in Burning Stars. Instead, there are five different science categories, each of which with unique technologies. Some of them are easier to master and produce useful results faster, others are more difficult but much more powerful once they are mastered.

Design Your Ships

After you've discovered new weapons, engines or equipment, you can use these new components to design more powerful ships for your armada. From tiny starfighters to massive battleships, you can design and build whatever is needed in your struggle for supremacy.
As always, the bigger and more powerful a ship, the longer it takes to build, the more resources you have to collect and the bigger your shipyards have to be.

Crush Your Enemies

There are many different ways to harm your enemies, but in the end, nothing beats an armada of massive warships loaded with troops to wipe them out.
But beware: You can only destroy what you can see.